The Radio Show

You can hear Helmut Wittmann on his own radio show on the Austrian Broadcasting Company ORF, Radio Upper Austria and Radio Salzburg every first Saturday of the month and the following Thursday from 8 till 9 pm.

Listen to new inspiring stories (told in Upper Austrian dialect) and offbeat and fascinating folk music from the alpine region and from all over the world.
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Fairy-Tales are so much more than just a treat for the ears!

With the greatest of ease they tell us about the most important matters.

Some of these stories are quite new, others are really old. For hundreds of years they have been told from one generation to the next. Every storyteller added his or her wisdom and experience of life to the story. This treasure of experience is the power of fairy-tales that enriches our lives.

With playful & poetic ease, they tell us about the things that matter most.

As a storyteller, it is very important to me to narrate these stories so that their inherent power can be truly felt, by as many people as possible – if only to escape the the maledictions of erveryday life. Their friendly wisdom whets the appetite for the big adventure: your own, very personal path to a happy life.

And what more could you wish for, in this complicated world we live in?

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